Polyester Coatings

We offer a full range of polyester powder coatings suitable for outdoor applications such as architectural metalwork, signage, street furniture and other applications that require light and weather resistance.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy powder coatings offer excellent mechanical performance and are ideal for interior applications where exposure to UV rays are limited and protection to chemicals is required

Hybrid Coatings

Hybrid epoxy polyester powder coatings are generally used for indoor applications where a combination in durability and superior colour stability are required


We undertake masking to customer specification and have a full range of caps, plugs and high temperature tapes & sheets to suit most applications.

Die Cut Tapes: We can source standard or specialist die cut templates or work with customer supplied materials. Die cut masking can significantly reduce preparation time as well as increasing masking precision and quality.

Masking at Potteries Powder Coating