Polyester Coatings

We offer a full range of polyester powder coatings suitable for outdoor applications such as architectural metalwork, signage, street furniture and other applications that require light and weather resistance.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy powder coatings offer excellent mechanical performance and are ideal for interior applications where exposure to UV rays are limited and protection to chemicals is required

Hybrid Coatings

Hybrid epoxy polyester powder coatings are generally used for indoor applications where a combination in durability and superior colour stability are required

Zirconium Phosphate Pre-treatment

Iron Phosphate Powder Coating We operate a large capacity 3 Metre Diameter Vixen automated phosphate service with a 3 stage wash cycle:

  • hot washing with a phosphate solution
  • hot rinsing
  • hot passivation solution
As well as the large 3 Metre Diameter capacity basket we can undertake pre-treatment of much larger items using the lance attachment.

Phosphate Solution: The phosphate solution used is Natech ZPSL which is a solution designed for the conversion of iron, steel, aluminium and zinc surfaces to a lightweight Zirconium phosphate coating.

Hot Rinsing: The hot rinsing is a water solution with synergic detergent additives.

Passivation Solution: The final rinse contains Kolseal MO, a highly concentrated non-chromated solution which provides a sealing action that improves paint adhesion and extends resistance to humidity and salt spray.

Natech ZPSL is a unique, natural, single stage clean and pre-treatment technology, which has been designed as a clean and pre-treatment prior to application of organic coatings such as:

  • wet paint of all types
  • powder paint - electrostatic spray, fluidised bed
  • plastic coatings such as PVC and polyolefins
Natech ZPSL is a realistic environmentally friendly alternative to:
  • Chrome conversion coats on Aluminium and Zinc
  • Zinc phosphating on steel and galvanized
  • Iron phosphating on steel , Aluminium and galvanized
Natech ZPSL offers excellent quality performance and will achieve 1000 hours plus on steel and galv and at least 3000 hours on aluminium (neutral salt spray)